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Let’s get real for just a second. Okay, so I’m pretty real on my blog most of the time anyway, right? Well, I need to get real with you all again. My husband lost his job, you all know that. He is in pain from a work injury that happened right before he was fired, remember? He hasn’t been able to work in over a month now and things are getting real. We need to find some ways to save money!

Hubby and I have been pretty creative in saving money during this past month while we have also been blessed to have money coming in from my blogging. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends and things are still just a little tight. We both know that God will provide for our little family, but we also know we have to make changes where we can help ourselves as well.

One of the places he and I have identified we can possibly save money is our cell phone service. Eeek! I can’t have bad service and Hubby and I chat all day through text. I do a lot of my blogging support work from my phone. We can’t cut back!…or can we?

My friend, Brittany from may have convinced me that I could save money on cell phone service and still stay connected. Check out what she has to say about Walmart’s Family Mobile Plan:

Saving with Walmart Family Mobile #FamilyMobileSaves #shop #cbias

As most of you know it’s a matter of days before little miss Pippa makes her appearance in this world. The thought of this pretty much throws me into a panic. How can that even be possible?! More importantly, how are we going to be able to afford another child. I mean y’all this is baby number 5. And it’s not like you get a buy 4 and get the 5th for free. No sir-re Bob. You just end up throwing more money into the wind. Poof it’s gone.

And while my other children are excited to have a new baby around (well most of the time), they have better ideas on how they’d like to spend their summer this year. About 4 years ago, right after I had Titus we took the kids to Sea World for Ethan’s birthday. The kids fell in love! So much so, that he has told tale after tale of the wonders from the watery theme park to his siblings and now they want to go themselves. Shoot, if I’m honest, I’d like to take a trip back there too. Seriously, Shamu will rock your socks off. But a trip like this is not cheap and it’s hard to justify MORE money being spent when we are adding another baby soon too. Bummer.

Trying to be the thrifty mama my heart desires, but somehow lacks in capabilities, I searched for ways to make our weekend of fun happen. That’s when I heard about Walmart’s Family Mobile plan. Say what?! I heard things like:

Lowest Price Rate Plan
No contracts.
No overages.
No Surprise bills.
Half the cost

My ears began to twitch with excitement. Had I found the answer to my family’s money saving issues…read more here!

Could you save money and stay connected with Walmart’s Family Mobile plans?

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