Guilt free coffee drinks {a sweet treat without the cheat}

My boy is almost done with basketball season and we are talking baseball season soon. Work is going to get busier and my blogging assignments are piling up. I need coffee now more than ever! I need to keep up with my weight loss momentum and our financial stability so I need some new guilt free coffee drinks that will keep me going!

International Delight #LightIcedCoffee {Mocha & Vanilla}

I'm not a black coffee drinker and actually don't even own a coffee maker so I'm thinking back to International Delight Iced Coffee that I have been addicted to for quite a while. I haven't bought it as much lately because (besides not being able to control myself) the calories and sugar were really adding up and I needed to scale back. 

International Delight #LightIcedCoffee nutritional values

Lucky for me, International Delight has come out with a Light Iced Coffee with 1/3 fewer calories and I'm in the mood to try it. Now that we are past the holidays and past the New Year's resolutions and past Valentine's Day (you know…all the times when it's "okay" to cheat) I have run out of ideas for reasons I can treat myself to something yummy. 

International Delight #LightIcedCoffee {sweet treats without the cheat}

I decided that I needed to try the International Delight Light Iced Coffee so I went to Walmart to find some inspiration for a few guilt free coffee drinks. I have a few favorites that I pick up at the local coffee shop and my favorite coffee drinks come out during the holidays (you know, Peppermint and Pumpkin Pie Spice…yum), but I wanted to take my creativity just a little further. I also knew that I could save money by making my own coffee drinks rather than trying them at a local coffee shop.

Pumpkin Pie {pumpkin pie spice creamer, cinnamon} #LightIcedCoffee

I couldn't resist this Pumpkin Pie Spice creamer when I saw it, so I created a frozen cappuccino with the creamer, cinnamon, ice, and my Ninja blender to make the Pumpkin Pie Light Iced Coffee. I topped it with light whipped cream and fresh cinnamon. It was an amazing smoothie-type drink and I didn't feel guilty after I drank it. This is going to be an amazing pick-me-up in the morning before work (and I get to pretend that I ate pumpkin pie for breakfast). 

Rocky Road {mocha, cream, almond} #LightIcedCoffee

My favorite ice cream ever is Rocky Road so I had to try this. I combined the Mocha Light Iced Coffee with cream, almond extract, and ice in the blender, topped with light whipped cream and sliced almonds, for a Rocky Road Light Iced Coffee. I made it a little less smoothie like than I usually do, but thickness of the crushed ice is really a personal preference. I'm definitely keeping this guilt free coffee drink for an after dinner dessert on the evenings I am up late blogging. 

Guilt Free Coffee Drinks #LightIcedCoffee

There are so many ideas that can be made with the International Delight Light Iced Coffee, but the coffee drink is just as amazing over a glass of ice. This was my first time to try the Vanilla flavor and it is so creamy. I have quite an intimate relationship with the Mocha flavor and was happy to taste very little difference in the Light version. 

Now, Mommy can have a sweet treat without the cheat anytime, day or night! 

What guilt free coffee drinks would you make with the new Light Iced Coffee? How much would you save if you stopped the coffee shop and made your own?

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  1. Oh I wish I could have one of those right now!

  2. Amy Peschel says:

    Great idea, I’ll have to buy the stuff and make it.

  3. Tina says:

    These look so yummy!! I might have to try these even though I am not a big coffee drinker at all but I think I will make an exception to try these out because they look so good. Thanks for sharing. You always have such informative posts and that is why I love your blog. Thanks for all that you do and have a great day!!

  4. christina moore says:

    Sounds like a great drink, I would love to try them

  5. Stephanie Hastie says:

    i will have to try these. I drink way too many calories uysually!@

  6. Betsy Barnes says:

    I would make a iced mocha coffee with the new Light Iced Coffee, so yummy 🙂

  7. Sarah L says:

    I’d want something with peppermint in it. Pumpkin pie is GOOD for breakfast!

  8. cathy ddreemzz says:

    Sound like some great drinks…thanks for sharing!!!

  9. Janet W. says:

    I’m not much of a coffee drinker, but these look delicious! I’ve never understood how people visit a coffee shop every day and pay those ridiculous prices!

  10. Ashley Morrissey says:

    Oh my gosh! This may be my new go to drink. I will have to try it this week. Seriously craving it now though!

  11. kim lazor says:

    I haven’t heard of this before, thanks for sharing. I am not a big flavored coffee drinker, as I prefer mine regular leaded, with cream, no sugar! This is however, nice to know about, in case of company, and it certainly would save me money by not going to Starbucks or Dunkin Doughnuts, which is my favorite. I will be on the look out for some coupons to use to purchase this, and save even more!

  12. Kelly Tanner says:

    That looks delicious! I haven’t even heard of that. I will look for them at Kroger. Would love an iced vanilla coffee!

  13. Gena says:

    MMM that looks delicious!! I love this iced coffee!!

  14. Elle says:

    Those sound really good. I drink a lot of coffee but mostly just plain on black coffee. I do like flavored coffees as a special treat though. And if they have a light version I could have it more often.

    I’ll try to remember to get this next time I’m in the store.

  15. Tammy S says:

    I love the Mocha Light. It is so refreshing when you want something a little sweet but not over powering. Even my son loves it. This is the best carton coffee drink I have ever bought.

  16. Karen Glatt says:

    This drink looks so delicious! I can not drink my coffee black either. I like cold coffee drinks. I have had the International delights drinks and they taste very good. I like your recipe for your drink, and I am going to make it. Thanks for the great post for a delicious guilt free drink-there is only one thing, I will be having my brownies with ice cream with it. Do you think that this is alright!!! LOL!!

  17. these look healthy and delicious

  18. Lisa R says:

    So Funny, I didn’t read the container chart I was thinking of grabbing a container today for my husband. I’ll ask him if he’s want to try. Thanks for showing the nutrition facts.

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

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