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How to Dress a Super Cool Boy for Halloween #SuperCoolMom

How to be a super cool mom to a super cool boy

You all know that I have a super cool boy and I like to pretend that I’m a super cool mom. I introduced a series long, long ago about how to be a super cool mom to a super cool boy, but I’ve been slacking on posting. Don’t worry, I haven’t been slacking in real life, just here on the blog. You see, being super cool takes a lot of time and energy and the time left in the day for blogging is just diminished when you’re being your super-est and coolest. (yes, I just made up a word, because I’m super cool like that)

How to Dress a Super Cool Boy for Halloween #SuperCoolMom

So, I finally had time to look at a few of the photos from Halloween and show you all how to dress a super cool boy for Halloween. I’m no seamstress and this is not one of those DIY things. I’m not ashamed to admit that I spent money on his costumes and there’s nothing but the best for my boy!

When the boy and I went shopping for his costume he wanted to be a ninja or Green Lantern (boring!) but we couldn’t find just what he wanted. He saw this clown costume and fell in love. I was praying that he didn’t change his mind because he’s getting to be a big boy and big boys have big opinions. But, he was excited about being a clown!

Then we got the note home from school that the kids could dress up on Halloween if they dressed as a storybook character so I headed back out for another costume. This Tin Man costume was a huge hit and you know, it just fits his personality because he has the biggest heart of any 5 year old I know!

So, we had some costume changes on Halloween, but I think we did okay. he was happy (as you can see from the pictures) and we got TONS of compliments (on his smile, of course). I love this super cool boy and I hope that I’m a super cool mom in his eyes.

How did you dress your super cool boy for Halloween?

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