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Day 25 – Thankful for the YMCA

Benjamin has been in childcare since he was 8 weeks old. For that entire time, he has been with the YMCA Childcare Center. Today, I’m thankful for the YMCA and the wonderful people who take care of my boy.

Benjamin's first day of daycare at the YMCA

I can remember the first day of daycare like it was yesterday. I spent 8 weeks home with Benjamin before I had to go back to work. I had known I wanted him at the YMCA Childcare Center since before he was born so I signed him up. I wanted him to have a daycare where he could grow up and know everyone there. I never dreamed it would be this wonderful.

But, back to the first day. I hesitantly took him into the baby room where I had already visited once and brought along all of his needed supplies. Howard was away for training so I had to do this all on my own. The ladies in the room were very nice and they reassured me that he would be fine. He was asleep when I dropped him off and that worried me, but he was not one of those babies who wouldn’t let others hold him so I thought he might be okay. I was worried, but I held it together really well for a first day. I almost made it out of the building before Ms. Virginia asked me if I was okay. Then, I lost it.

I cried on Ms. Virginia’s shoulder for a few minutes while she also reassured me that he was going to be just fine. I cried during the 45 minute drive to work. I cried throughout the day while at work, basically every time someone asked me how I was doing or every time someone just looked at me, really. I left work early that day (my first day back) and I cried all the way back to the YMCA.

However, when I arrived to pick him up, he was all smiles! The picture above was right when I arrived to pick him up. He was a happy baby boy. The ladies said he did great and only cried when he was hungry (he never even cried when he had a dirty diaper back then) and even that cry was just a little wimper. They said he was all smiles all day long.

Christmas party at YMCA daycare

Benjamin would eventually become known as Smiley at the YMCA (and still is called Smiley from time to time) because he just absolutely loves all the people there. Ms. Virginia is still his absolute favorite and she knows him inside and out. When Benjamin didn’t walk until 20 months and the physical therapist had to go work with him, she went to the Y. When I would walk out crying every day because the ladies would tell me he’s still not wanting to walk, Ms. Virginia was there to tell me he was going to be alright. When Benjamin was bullied at the Y, Ms. Virginia was always his cheerleader. To this day, Ms. Virginia is his second mom at the Y. I wish I had a picture of her, but I only have a picture of Benjamin with Mr. Carl when we donated books to the Y daycare program and she is in the background.

donating books in the BIG GREEN TUB at Palestine YMCA #NickCFK

Benjamin is almost 8 now and he attends the Afterschool Program with the YMCA Childcare Center. He attends the Summer Camp and even today, he is attending their Out of School Camp because he just loves it that much. We are truly blessed to have hooked up with the Y early on in Benjamin’s little life and we are truly blessed to have wonderful people, like Ms. Virginia, to take care of our boy every day.

So, today I am thankful for the YMCA Childcare Center and my boy’s continued growth through their programs.

Counting My Blessings #CrazyThankful #Thankful30

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What are you thankful for today?


  1. lexie says:

    oh my gosh that would so be me crying so much when it would be time to leave him!! I can’t even imagine how hard that was.
    lexie recently posted..Fashion Favorites | Top 20 Most Pretty & Glam Wedding ShoesMy Profile

  2. How absolutely wonderful that your son was able to be in such a wonderful place during his days!
    Susannah recently posted..Faith and Fellowship Blog HopMy Profile

  3. aw. i cant imagine leaving my little girl that young. i cannot even think about all day kindergarten. i dont know how i’ll get through the day. you and him are very lucky that it’s been a safe and happy place!
    alexandria recently posted..10 MINUTE FACEMy Profile

  4. Erin says:

    Nothing beats those happy faces after being in daycare! My son goes for a few hours twice a week and I was so worried but he loves it and it is definitely something to be thankful for!
    Erin recently posted..A Thanksgiving Message for You!My Profile

  5. Blessed the YMCA team for taking care of your boy, He had a great smile. So adorable.
    Onica {Mommy Factor} recently posted..Shopping Kohl’s Star Wars Collection for Toys & Memorabilia #ForceForKohls #StarWarsMy Profile

  6. My kids went to the After School program too with YMCA! They loved it too…and they have great memories from that program too!
    Nikka Shae recently posted..Walk A Mile In Style With UKIESMy Profile

  7. I am so, so glad that he greeted with you smiles upon your return. That had to change your whole outlook on things.
    Liz Mays recently posted..Christmas Fun in Concord North CarolinaMy Profile

  8. I haven’t heard it, but It looks great place for a child.
    Nicole Escat recently posted..Track your Belongings with your Smartphone!My Profile

  9. He is adorable. Kudos to YMCA for helping a lot of kids and their families.
    MyTeenGuide recently posted..What to Watch Now that The Hunger Games are OverMy Profile

  10. Bless the staff who took care of your boy for you and gave you the care and support that you needed to raise Benji the best you could.
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted..An Interview With MbcossMy Profile

  11. Debra says:

    We don’t have YMCAs in Utah. I always wish we did!
    Debra recently posted..Antipasto SkewersMy Profile

  12. Crystal says:

    I grew up at the Y so I know how incredible it can be! Sounds like Benjamin has found himself a second home there.

  13. Such a sweet face, no wonder they call him Smiley!
    Roxanne recently posted..May You Always Have Enough- Announcing 12 Days of ServiceMy Profile

  14. Sandra says:

    The YMCA has such great programs. My kids took swim lessons through them. Fond memories just like your little guy will have in the coming years. I’m certain Ms. Virginia sure is in the right field of work! Love this sweet post :)

  15. Di says:

    So many people underestimate how these programs help kids. Not only with friendships but interacting with peers, elders and more. Sounds like smiley has a great time too!
    Di recently posted..Back and Shoulder Resistance Tubing WorkoutMy Profile

  16. I was just talking about joining a YMCA after we move next year! They offer so much
    Cynthia @craftoflaughter recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: ThanksgivingMy Profile

  17. What a beautiful little boy! I am so glad that you had the fantastic daycare at the Y and especially Ms. Virginia for you and Benjamin as he grew up :)

  18. That’s so sweet! I’m so glad he has a safe place to go, where you can trust he’s being well taken care of.
    Esther @ The Cuteness recently posted..10 Questions with… Casey Sibley, owner of Casey D. Sibley Art + DesignMy Profile

  19. It sounds like a great place for a child to grow up. We love our local YMCA too.
    Michelle F. recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Happy Thanksgiving!My Profile

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