What Do I Miss After Weight Loss Surgery

I’m rapidly approaching my 2 year surgiversary from my gastric sleeve surgery on 12/30/15. I’m preparing an update for you all, but it occurred to me today that I have lots of questions that I still haven’t answered here on the blog. Since one of my goals for 2018 is to revive this blog to full working status (posting at least 3 times per week), I thought I would start with this – What do I miss after weight loss surgery?

Preparing for weight loss surgery (mentally and physically) was a challenge in itself. I had to mentally prepare for losing many of my crutches or vices in life. I had to think about what I would put in my body and how I would change my activity level to get the weight to come off. I had to give up several things, but I knew that the reward in the end would be worth it and I was ready to take on the challenge. Physically, I had to change the way I ate before surgery and prepare for a new way of eating to fuel my body after surgery. I also had to change from a sedentary life to a more active lifestyle to keep the weight coming off and staying off. I was ready for the challenge and I think I’ve done a decent job thusfar. Do I fail sometimes? At least daily. Do I wish I could go back and do it different? No way!

What Do I Miss After Weight Loss Surgery

I’m going to be straight up honest here and tell you that I have been missing my Diet Coke lately. I miss the burn in the back of my throat and the taste, but I especially miss the caffeine on days like today when I’m tired and feeling a little blah. Do I miss it enough to try it and see if my sleeve can handle it? No way! Sure, I have the opportunity daily to try a soda. Sure, my sleeve would probably tolerate it in small amounts. But, do I really want to go down that road again? Do I really want to put that in my body? Nope, not going to do it.

Now that this is off my chest, let me tell you this…

What Do I NOT Miss After Weight Loss Surgery

I don’t miss the pain of carrying an extra 140+ pounds on my body.

I don’t miss the exhaustion I felt from simply walking across a parking lot or down a hall at work.

I don’t miss the shame of walking around at 370 pounds.

I don’t miss the sedentary lifestyle of going to work and coming home and being miserable all the time.

I don’t miss my boy being ashamed of me because his friends would tell him his parents are fat.

I don’t miss the binge-eating and nightly ice cream or cookie parties we would have while watching weight loss shows on TV.

I don’t miss the Diet Coke addiction even if I think I miss the Diet Coke…


There are so many things that I could think of to miss after weight loss surgery, but those things were a part of a different me. I’m not that person anymore and I’m learning to love the new me and she’s so much MORE than the old me. I’m learning more and more about who the real me is through this journey and a QUITTER is not one of those things! So, I’ll continue to push that thought of missing things to the back of my mind and I’ll power through to be the best me I can be. I’m currently succeeding and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Now, you all know that I’m an open book. I’ve opened up on this blog through the years about almost every aspect of my life – marriage, weight loss, depression and anxiety, parenting, etc. What do you want to know about me now? Help me revive my life storytelling on this blog with ideas for posts or discussions we can have. I look forward to your ideas and to chatting with you all in the coming year!


  1. Misty says:

    So proud of you old friend!

    • janet says:

      Thank you! And…who you callin’ old, haha! Miss you!!

  2. Yay! I’m so glad to read an update from you and it’s inspired me to finally post on my blog – hopefully by next week (and I may steal an idea or two of yours, since we share similar stories)! I’d love to hear more about your exercise routine. I know you run — and have even become a RUNNER, but tell us more, please!

    • janet says:

      Thanks Jennifer! I have become a runner and I have a post going up in early January with a little more about my running routine…stay tuned!

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