Veteran’s Day Activities Free Printables {crossword, word search, matching game}

My boy has been learning so much lately and one of the things he is learning this month is all about Veteran’s Day. I wanted to help him remember what he is learning and make it fun, so I made these fun printable Veteran’s Day activities for him and I’m sharing them with you today for free!

Veteran's Day Activities

Veteran’s Day is near and dear to my family because we have several veterans to honor.

My grandfather served in the Army during World War 2 in England where he met my grandmother. He didn’t like to talk much about the war or his service, but my aunt has told me some stories that she learned growing up with him. My grandmother was a newlywed and pregnant when she rode the boat over to America to live with my grandfather. It’s a beautiful story and she loves to talk about meeting him in a restaurant where she was working and then coming over to America.

In addition, my brother recently left the Air Force after serving for eight years. He was a Staff Sergeant and while he didn’t serve in a war, he was deployed to a couple of locations throughout his service. My son loves to talk about his uncle as a “army man” and looks up to him for that.

Veteran’s Day (originally Armistice Day) is celebrated on November 11 every year to honor veterans who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Learn more about the history of Veteran’s Day here. Since we never want to miss a chance to celebrate our loved ones, I made these free printable Veteran’s Day activities for kids to learn more and have fun!

To print, click on the photos below and get a larger version of the activity, then right click and save to your desktop or hit print. Or scroll to the bottom and print them all from the pdf version.

Veteran's Day word search

Veteran’s Day activities pdf file

Veteran's Day crossword puzzle

Veteran’s Day activities pdf file

Veteran's Day matching game

Veteran’s Day activities pdf file

Army Navy Air Force Marines Troops Respect Honor

Veteran’s Day activities pdf file


Who do you honor on Veteran’s Day?


  1. This is awesome! Veterans Day is special to us too!! These are awesome printables! Thank you!!

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