Two Year Post Weight Loss Surgery Update

Wow, it really snuck up on me this year, but today is my two year surgiversary! On 12/30/15, I had gastric sleeve surgery and as of today, I’ve lost just over 140 lbs…and I’m still losing! The following is my two year post weight loss surgery update with new photos and goals for continued weight loss in the coming year.

I was looking through my On This Day memories on Facebook this morning and trying to remember the feelings I had when I was over 343 lbs and heading into my first (and only) surgery of my life. I remember excitement and nervousness and I remember wanting to hurry up and get started (my surgery was late in the day). Howard and I drove up to Plano, TX that morning and went shopping at Walmart to kill some time. We picked up a ton of clearance Christmas decorations, lights, and inflatables as if it were just a normal day. I think we were both trying to keep our minds off the fact that I was going to have surgery that afternoon. We ended up checking in early and getting things rolling early, but then when I was ready, the surgeon was running late. So…we waited…for a long time. Finally, he came in to check on me and ask if I had any last minute questions and the rest is history.

Surgery Day 12/30/15


My Weight Loss Surgery Experience


Weight Loss Surgery Update – One Year Later!

Earlier this week, I talked about what I missed since weight loss surgery (not much) and what I didn’t miss after surgery (almost everything). I’ve talked about my exercise routine some since surgery, but where am I two years later?


I can remember the first time my workout partner called me an athlete and I kinda laughed it off. I didn’t feel like an athlete, I was just working out to lose weight. But, today…I feel like at the very least, a budding athlete, and I’m working on being a full time athlete. Well, maybe not full time (as in 40 hours per week) but I guess I mean I want to have the desire and stamina to workout every day with some ease in order to further push myself outside my comfort zone. Right now, I feel like I’m struggling more than I should be and I’m tired often. I’m experiencing some aches and pains in my back and shoulders so I feel like maybe a chiropractor visit is in my near future. And…the biggest change I need to make…

I need to eat BETTER!

I’m still getting in my protein regularly and I’m still getting in my water, but I’ve delved into the sweets and redeveloped my sweet tooth so this holiday season has been rough on my scale victories. Just before the holidays, I fell below 200 lbs, but I gained up to 8 lbs and am back down 2 lbs so I’m hovering around 206 lbs right now. My personal goal for myself is 175 lbs so I have 25-30 lbs to lose this year. I have a good friend who is a strong cheerleader of mine and she declared for me that I will reach my goal weight by the end of 2018…and I believe her!

2018 is my YEAR!

I’m still working on a word of the year for 2018, but several people have suggested perseverance or inspiring (and Jantastic, love it!). I want to be all of these things in the next year. I have GOALS that I want to achieve and I want to improve myself in all aspects of my life. I want to be a stronger athlete. I want to be a better mom and wife. I want to be a better friend. I want to lose some more weight and gain some more confidence (my word for 2017). I want to be consistent and inspiring. And today, in this post, I’m declaring these things for my life!

I have some big plans for this blog as well. You may be seeing a small facelift/refresh in the coming months – although I’ve decided I want to keep my name – and you should see me posting more about my life and routine, my workouts and my family. I’m going to revive this blog in 2018 (one more declaration)!

In the meantime, here’s a few pics of me now just for reference. I’m currently hovering around 206 lbs and size 14 jeans with a size XL shirt (although I could get away with Large, I like things to be a little baggy). As always, let me know what else you would like to see on this blog, questions about my surgery or my lifestyle, or just interesting topics you would like to see my post about!



  1. Jen says:

    Happy Surgiversary!!!! Today is 2 years from my first visit with the surgeon 😉

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