My Family Story

When this blog began I had ideas about where I wanted it to go, but as life happens and things change, the blog went all different directions at once. One of the stories I wanted to share, and did so before things got crazy, was my family story…or more so, how I met my husband and how our life together has started. Once Hubby read what I was writing, he was motivated to add to it. He wrote one post and has promised me at least one, if not two, more. I hope you enjoy the story!!

It’s on my mind all the time…

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!!

Downs…and the Oh-So-Good Ups!!

A family changed forever…

What does He have in store for us next…?

You Just Never Know What Lies Ahead… (Hubby’s Guest Post!!)

The Love Letter

 Why I Love My Husband

The Never-Ending List