This is Me {and my Crazy Family}

Meet the Crazy Family!!

Hi! I’m Janet Krugel aka JanetGoingCrazy!

Hubby (Howard), The Boy (Benjamin), and I are in love with laughing and having fun.

However, there was a time when we didn’t really know how to have fun. We thought we needed lots of money to do something fun, but we have learned that it is all about being together and getting creative (and I’m not talking about fancy crafts).

In 2015, Howard and I had gastric sleeve (weight loss) surgery and to date have lost over 350 lbs combined. We’ve dedicated our time and energy to living a healthy lifestyle, but we still have a lot to learn. We’re sharing our journey while also talking about how to have a fun family.

About My Blog

This blog is completely random and you will find all sorts of things here. I like to talk about the family and the things we do together, but I’ve developed a passion for living a healthy and active lifestyle. I did giveaways for a long time (almost a year…more??) so you’ll see some old stuff about giveaways.

I’m talking about my weight loss and exercise and my newfound love for running! I have a whole series dedicated to weight loss and I even talk about my struggles with depression and anxiety. Of course, you’ll also find Family Fun activities and Crazy Crafts for Kids along with tips on how to be the ultimate Boy Mom.


Occasionally, I will still review products and host giveaways if there is something that I think my family and my readers will enjoy. I prefer to work products into my family’s story in some way rather than a typical review post. If you would like to know more about this, check out our PR Friendly page or contact me at

About JanetGoingCrazy

I’m a Mommy of One Handsome Little Man.

I’m married to Hubby, former Chef turned Butcher turned Chef again.

Hubby was raised Jewish and has accepted Christ as his Savior.

I work for the State of Texas, and love what I do.

I have a passion for Protecting Children. 

I have recently found a new passion for working out and running.

I love to have fun with my family. 

I like to share my Life’s Little Lessons, in hopes that someone else can avoid making the decisions I made that made things more difficult for me (notice, I did NOT say “mistakes” – trying not to believe in them).

I love using (parentheses) when I write (mostly because my brain works faster than I can type or I have a million things I want to say but don’t know where to put it all).

I love Dogs and Cats and the Color Pink.

I want a Baby Girl so bad!

I’m a Big Nerd, have moods that can sometimes appear to be slightly wacky.

I’m Extremely Shy in real life!

I’m just Random…

and that’s what this Blog will be about some/most/all of the time.

Where am I going with all of this? Are you interested?

I’m Going Crazy…Wanna Go?