Day 3 – Thankful for My husband #CrazyThankful

I’ve told you all the 100 reasons I love my husband and I’ve told you how we met, fell in love, and lived “happily ever after“, but today I want to tell you why I’m thankful for my husband.

The Wedding Day

November 3, 2015

When Howard and I married, we barely knew each other. We had only literally know each other for five months, but we knew we were in love and we were ready to get started with our little family. We knew it would be difficult, but we had no idea how difficult it could possibly be (or at least I didn’t…I don’t know about him). I’m sure that many people didn’t believe that we would make it through this marriage and there were probably some that were hoping we didn’t make it through.

We were on our honeymoon at a hotel in Austin, TX when Howard got the call that he had a job in Palestine, TX (my hometown) and that he needed to be there right away. We finished our honeymoon, which was really only two nights in a hotel, and he headed to Palestine while I packed up our apartment and moved us three and half hours away. We were moving near my family, but away from his family.

After that moving ordeal, I was quickly able to find a job, but his job actually played out after the holidays. We weren’t told that his job was seasonal so this was completely unexpected. Well, I’ve told the story before (see that link at the beginning) but we went through our rockiest times during these first couple of years of our marriage.

Suddenly, my chef husband couldn’t find a cooking job anywhere in town or nearby and so he just became a butcher. Just like that! He’s a good one, too.

Fast forward to now and let me tell you what’s going on with him…

Howard's weight loss from August to November

He’s lost 90 lbs since August!

In June, Howard had knee surgery after injuring it (torn meniscus) and was out of work for what was supposed to be 12 weeks. While he was out doing physical therapy, he decided to have bariatric sleeve surgery to help him lose weight. During his bariatric surgery, his heart went into an odd rhythm and his surgeon recommended he see the cardiologist once we returned from the hospital. He was given a heart monitor to wear for two weeks, but it only took three days (and six calls to the cardiologist from the monitoring company) and we were back in the cardiologist’s office. He said Howard’s heart was going into a bad rhythm and he was sure that Howard would need a defibrillator. That was on a Monday and by Friday, we were back in the hospital and Howard had a ventricular tachycardia so he was given a defibrillator. Because of all of this, he was basically asked to resign from work while he healed so he’s been out of work since June 2015 while he heals.

Howard and Benjamin have a blast together painting their faces like Hulk

I’m telling you all of this because I want to now tell you why I am so incredibly thankful for my husband for everything he has given up, gone through, and lives with because he chooses every day to be my husband.

  • Even though he no longer eats “normal” because of his surgery, he still cooks for Benjamin and me as much as possible.
  • Even though he can’t find a job in his chosen field, he continues to live in a small town because I get to be near my family.
  • On days when I have work to do or I’m not feeling well (basically, every day) he takes care of Benjamin’s morning routine and much of his evening routine.
  • He puts up with my depression and does everything in his power to try to cheer me up or at least make my life a little easier.
  • He seeks out ways to be a better person, husband, and father every day of his life.

Counting My Blessings #CrazyThankful #Thankful30

Join me on my journey to write 30 days of thankfulness in the month of November for NaBloPoMo and follow my hashtag ā€“ #CrazyThankful ā€“ to find out what Iā€™m thankful for this month and all year long!

What are you thankful for today?


  1. Pam says:

    It sounds like you found one of the good ones! You have a lot of reasons to be thankful for him. šŸ™‚

  2. Your husband sounds amazing. It’s always refreshing to hear wives speak kindly of their spouses. Usually I hear how lazy, inconsiderate, etc. Thanks for sharing this with us šŸ™‚

  3. What lovely reasons to be thankful for your husband. He sounds like an incredible, kind, and loving man.

  4. CourtneyLynne says:

    Awwwww how cute :):) so happy you have a great guy like him in your life!

  5. lexie says:

    I love that your doing this and I really want to do it too! So happy that you both have each other <3

  6. Nicole Escat says:

    You’re so blessed that you had a him, It was looks you and your son had fun bonding.

  7. What a beautiful blessing to have in your family!!! šŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing it with us!!!

  8. Rosey says:

    I love that you’re touting him here. It’s wonderful to see a couple supporting and loving one another.

  9. Awe so fun! I love when my husband goes all out for our kids!

  10. Awww… I love reading women bragging on their husbands!!! <3

  11. Lexie says:

    What a wonderful blessing to have in yours and your sons life!!! šŸ™‚ thanks for sharing with us!!! LifeAsLex

  12. Kelly says:

    This is a great series! We should always remember to be thankful for those around us in our lives šŸ™‚

  13. WOW! Y’all have certainly had your share, and then some, of challenges! Keep on focusing on the positive, everything will work out!

  14. Your husband is an amazing guy. I hope everything turns out well for him.

  15. He sounds like a great partner for you & so glad he is doing better! Best of luck to him as he continues to lose – I personally have battled my whole life & it sucks! lol

  16. What a beautiful relationship you both have with one another! The ups and downs…They have shaped you both into who you are–and it sounds like you are both pretty fantastic! Such a sweet post!

  17. Debra says:

    What a rock star! You are so lucky to have such an amazing guy!

  18. Mar says:

    Your husband sounds like an amazing guy! Sometimes the rockiest starts to relationships end up the most successful šŸ™‚

  19. I love the thankful posts that show up during the month. I wish your man wonderful energy on his journey

  20. Erin says:

    Oh I love these thankful posts so much! It reminds me to be thankful too!

  21. Jen K says:

    So sweet. I love these thankful posts for November.

  22. I hope your husband gets better soon he has been through so much that I hope he continues to be the wonderful husband that he is x

  23. Lori says:

    He sounds like an awesome hubby!

  24. How precious! I can’t believe he’s lost 90lbs. since August! That is an insane amount in a short amount of time! He looks great!

  25. You two sound like a great team. Thanks for sharing this. šŸ™‚

  26. You are very lucky to have such a caring and understanding husband. That is truly something to be thankful and grateful for!

  27. It sounds like you have an amazing husband! Good luck to him on his weight loss journey and recovery.

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