How to Deal with (and Prevent) Bullying

A few tips for dealing with and preventing bullying

WWE supports Hire Heroes USA

WWE supports Hire Heroes USA

My Son’s First Bully

My son is a sweet boy and was the perfect target for his first bully. I just didn’t expect it to happen in preschool! I’m talking about how WWE and be a STAR are partnered for an anti-bullying campaign.

WWE and Breast Cancer Awareness

Just a quick post about how WWE supports Susan G. Komen and Breast Cancer Awareness.

How to Make a WWE Superstar {WWE Performance Center}

I was watching WWE Main Event tonight (yes, it was on DVR…he fell asleep early last night) with my boy and we saw a commercial about Mark Henry, WWE Superstar, that showed him as a baby and as a young boy. It was like a light bulb went off in my boy’s head and he […]

How to introduce your childhood favorites to your children

One of the things that my husband and I have enjoyed most about being parents is getting to relive our childhoods through our son. We try to introduce our childhood favorites like cartoons and toys to him and show him what we enjoyed as children. Recently, my boy has talked about wanting to be a “doggy doctor” […]

WWE and Make-A-Wish Foundation {World Wish Day on April 29th}

Every month you have seen me posting about WWE and talk about my family’s newest obsession with wrestling. It started with Dolph Ziggler and then moved on to The Big Show, Ryback, John Cena, Randy Orton…and just keeps changing every week depending on my boy’s mood. I’m hoping that most of you aren’t just passing […]

Family Fun: Wrestlemania Activities

Most of my family’s weekend family fun plans revolve around my boy and I spending a lot of time together and Hubby working. He works in retail and that’s just the way it goes. Since you all know that I have been sick for a couple of weeks, I was a little worried about this […]

Are you ready for a Reading Challenge? #wwemoms

It's no secret that we love wrestling in our house. Santa brought Benjamin a Randy Orton wrestling buddy and a WWE Playset for Christmas. On his birthday, Granny Great bought him a Sheamus action figure and I seriously wish I had a video. Get this… He was standing in front of me and Granny Great was in a chair nearby. […]

Family Fun: Saturday Morning Slam

Here's a few of my family's favorite things: family fun, family-friendly TV, wrestling, St. Patrick's Day…GREEN. This is why I'm so jealous of those of you out there who are able to watch Saturday Morning Slam! I was tweeting with one of my fellow #wwemoms recently and she was talking about her kids enjoying Saturday […]