Find your thing and do it well {Wordless Wednesday}

Find your thing and do it well {Wordless Wednesday}           What is your “thing”?!!

Wordless Wednesday – Life of a Blogger Mommy

I have convinced my husband that entering giveaways to “support my fellow bloggers” is actually blogging, so I was “technically” blogging…while my boy was “fixing” my hair.  I love that first comment after I posted this on my personal Facebook page!! What do your children do to you when you’re blogging and/or working at home?!!

Wordless {wordy/worry} Wednesday – First T-ball Practice EVER!!

The Boy started T-ball last night and I’m a little concerned. I have this dilemma between trying to not be super overprotective and standing up for my child. Here’s the problem:

Wordless Wednesday – stripedshirts

Last week, I posted a review of and I promised a picture of my boy in his Green and White striped shirt from, so here it is!!

Wordless Wednesday – Happy #PiDay

It's Mesmerizing!! You want to watch to the end, but you have to at least watch what happens at about 0:34 😉 Learn more about PiDay!! Learn what's happening tomorrow!!

Wordless Wednesday – At the Library on a Rainy Day

Wordless Wednesday – 4 Year Old Party