Halloween at Norwood Heights Baptist Church {Wordless Wednesday}

Wordless Wednesday – Halloween Edition

Before pics at 369.8 lbs. – Wordless Wednesday

Before pics at 369.8 lbs, taken on 9/7/13

Sisterpalooza Memories {Wordless Wednesday}

I don't know if it is because I just saw my sisters for my boy's birthday or what, but I'm reminiscing about Sisterpalooza moments and thought I would share a few pics of my sisters and me. If you have a sister nearby, give her a hug or a phone call or just tell her […]

I’m a princess in my new hair bow {Wordless Wednesday}

My boy LOVES a girl in a hair bow so when he and Daddy went shopping last night, they bought me this. Today, I am a princess in my new hair bow! What do your kids buy for you to make you feel special?!!

Cubicle Decorating Ideas {Wordless Wednesday}

Cubicle Decorating Ideas Personalize your cubicle with colorful letters for your name. Find glittery stick-on letters to make it more fun!  If you have a wall, staple or tape your children's artwork in a collage fashion. You know you have more artwork than you know what to do with, anyway. Save every card, gift, and […]

Christmas Pics and Snow in East Texas {Wordless Wednesday}

How was your Christmas? Was it White?!!

Christmas Activities {Wordless Wednesday} #ChristmasHustleNBustle

{Christmas Activities in Palestine, TX} This past Saturday, The Boy and I had a full calendar of activities. By the end of the day, Hubby and I dubbed him "the luckiest boy in town". Check out these pics of the highlights. I apologize in advance that this is not completely wordless… We started the day […]

How Boys Play {Wordless Wednesday}

How Boys Play {Wordless Wednesday} His bedroom has a racecar bed and tons of stuffed lovies. His playroom has every toy you could imagine that a boy would want. Where does he play? In Mommy and Daddy's closet… P.S. There is a Pug and a German Shepherd/Boxer mix dog in there with him, too!!

Hot Pepper Festival {Wordless Wednesday}

  Hot Pepper Festival Palestine, TX October 27, 2012

Palestine Wildcats Homecoming Game {Wordless Wednesday}

Palestine Wildcats Homecoming Game October 19, 2012