Benjamin’s First Dentist Appointment

clean teeth after his first dentist appointment

Benjamin had his first dentist appointment and he loved it!

Creativity and Sports – Soccer Bowling with Fruit Shoot #StuntHunt

Lunchbox Ready Fruit Shoot #StuntHunt #sponsored

Learn how I foster my boy’s creativity and sports love with a new game of Soccer Bowling!

Am I Raising a Momma’s Boy or a Man’s Man?

after the Color Run

A few of my worries about being a #boymom – Am I raising a momma’s boy or a man’s man – maybe a little of both!

Dogwood Junction in Palestine, TX

mini golf

Weekend fun at Dogwood Junction in Palestine, TX

Benjamin’s birth story

Newborn Benjamin

It was a roller coaster pregnancy ending in a beautiful surprise. This is Benjamin’s birth story.

McDonald’s Playground Conversations

McDonald's Playground Conversations

Sometimes the playground conversations I hear can be so strange.

Mother Son Date Night Ideas

Mother Son Date Night Ideas #happymamas #whoisthisboy #boymom

It seems that lately I only write about my boy when he’s in trouble and I’ve been learning more about this parenting thing. Today I’m celebrating being my boy’s mom by listing ways to make a mother son date night extra special.

Humorous Things All Boy Moms Must Know

Humorous Things All Boy Moms Must Know

I never dreamed I would become one of those boy moms who laughs at boy stuff and knows boy things and enjoys what it means to truly be a #boymom.

Independent 6 year old

silly boy #whoisthisboy #happymamas

He’s 6 now, mom, and he thinks he’s grown. How I’m dealing with my new independent 6 year old.

Reaching a playtime milestone

Reaching a playtime milestone #whoisthisboy #happymamas

For the past 5 years and 11 months, I have been playing with my boy. He is fun to play with and I enjoy our time together. But, he is almost 6 years old and he has a great imagination and it’s time for him to start playing alone (or having friends over, I guess).