Creativity and Sports – Soccer Bowling with Fruit Shoot #StuntHunt

Lunchbox Ready Fruit Shoot #StuntHunt #sponsored

Learn how I foster my boy’s creativity and sports love with a new game of Soccer Bowling!

Am I Raising a Momma’s Boy or a Man’s Man?

after the Color Run

A few of my worries about being a #boymom – Am I raising a momma’s boy or a man’s man – maybe a little of both!

Dogwood Junction in Palestine, TX

mini golf

Weekend fun at Dogwood Junction in Palestine, TX

Benjamin’s birth story

Newborn Benjamin

It was a roller coaster pregnancy ending in a beautiful surprise. This is Benjamin’s birth story.

McDonald’s Playground Conversations

McDonald's Playground Conversations

Sometimes the playground conversations I hear can be so strange.

Mother Son Date Night Ideas

Mother Son Date Night Ideas #happymamas #whoisthisboy #boymom

It seems that lately I only write about my boy when he’s in trouble and I’ve been learning more about this parenting thing. Today I’m celebrating being my boy’s mom by listing ways to make a mother son date night extra special.

Humorous Things All Boy Moms Must Know

Humorous Things All Boy Moms Must Know

I never dreamed I would become one of those boy moms who laughs at boy stuff and knows boy things and enjoys what it means to truly be a #boymom.

Independent 6 year old

silly boy #whoisthisboy #happymamas

He’s 6 now, mom, and he thinks he’s grown. How I’m dealing with my new independent 6 year old.

Reaching a playtime milestone

Reaching a playtime milestone #whoisthisboy #happymamas

For the past 5 years and 11 months, I have been playing with my boy. He is fun to play with and I enjoy our time together. But, he is almost 6 years old and he has a great imagination and it’s time for him to start playing alone (or having friends over, I guess).

The Morning Routine

silly boy #whoisthisboy #happymamas

It’s just so hard to be angry with that sweet, lovey boy when he stalls getting out of the car because he’s trying to give out kisses and hugs over and over.