The Importance of Water for Weight Loss {Fatty Friday}

the importance of water for weight loss

This week I learned more about the importance of water for weight loss and how it affected my weekly weigh-in.

Crazy about Summer – Water Safety Tips

Water Safety Tips

Did you hear that it was 105° in Texas yesterday? It’s hot, hot, HOT!! My family doesn’t have an A/C in the Jeep right now (getting that on Monday, woohoo!) so when it’s hot outside, we’re looking for a way to cool off!! MamaNYC talked to us about heat safety a while back, but today […]

Puddle Jumper (Review)

orange Puddle Jumper

My three year old LOVES water in any way, shape, or form that he can get it! Last summer he could not get enough of the pool, but wasn’t quite sure about going around the water in a float. We bought him a little blow up float and some arm floaties and he was content, […]