27 Uses for Toilet Paper {not toilet paper rolls…the actual paper}

How many uses for toilet paper can you come up with to add to my list?

Pristine Posterior & Clean as Home – Name the Cottonelle Care Routine

{Name the Cottonelle Care Routine}   "Clean as Home" Last month, we talked about how treating your guests to Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care Toilet Paper and Fresh Care Flushable Wipes can make them feel right at home. You all gave me suggestions (and hopefully told Cottonelle as well) for how you would name this duo. One […]

Pampering Guests During the Holidays

{Pampering Guests During the Holidays}   Are you expecting guests this holiday season? Hubby and I moved into our rental house just over two years ago and we have only had guests once or twice, but when we do invite others over (even for a playdate) we like to make sure our guests have all […]