Wordless Wednesday – Find a Rainbow Day

The Boy's journal page for March 30, 2012 - "I made a Rainbow for Mommy!!"

Yesterday was Find a Rainbow Day You may have noticed that I posted this yesterday, but then I realized that it was Tuesday so I took it down – Yes, I really am GoingCrazy!! Where do you find your rainbows?

Wordless Wednesday – Papa’s Birthday and PlasmaCar!!

Papa and The Boy

Yesterday was my dad's birthday and he wanted to cook burgers for US rather than us take him out. It just so happens that The Boy's PlasmaCar arrived on Monday so we took it over for him to show Papa!!  (We won the PlasmaCar in the Christmas Letdown Giveaway on Mommy Who Loves Giveaways!!) After […]

Saturday Fun with Mommy and The Boy

Kids Depot 2000

It was Saturday morning at the K household. Mommy had been up late working blogging playing on Facebook and was very tired. Daddy had to be at work at 7am so the family had to get up and drive him to work. B didn't want to get up so he kept cuddling in the bed and covering […]