Splashpark at Reagan Park in Palestine, TX {Wordless Wednesday}

This weekend our small town made a big splash by opening a new splashpark!! Get used to these pics because I think they are FUN!!!!!

Wordless Wednesday – My Boy in the Newspaper!! @PalestineHerald

My boy made the newspaper!! He's the all-star in the RED helmet!! Thank you, Palestine Herald Press!! Like PHP on Facebook or follow on Twitter @PalestineHerald

Happy Mother’s Day!!

My boy is away in Colorado with his Granny this week, but I’m hoping to still hear from him sometime today. I talked to him a little yesterday after his FIRST FLIGHT and although he was really tired at the time he was talking to me, he told me that he had a good time. […]

The Fun of Using Shaving Cream {A daddy and his boy}

Do you ever have one of those really cute moments with your child and you just want to share it, but then you wonder who you can share it with? It’s too long for a Facebook status and too short for a full blog post, but you know what…it’s my blog and my husband wanted […]