Passing on a Childhood Tradition with Palmolive Dish Soap #Palmolive25Ways #cbias

Passing on a childhood tradition - washing the car with Palmolive #Palmolive25Ways #shop #CollectiveBias

I’m passing along a childhood tradition of washing the car with Palmolive dish soap!

Summer Picnic Checklist {FREE printable and 20+ recipe ideas}

Summer Picnic Checklist FREE printable

What could be more fun during Summer than a picnic and don’t forget to check your Summer Picnic Checklist before you leave the house!

Summer Bucket List…and How to Survive with 5-hour ENERGY® {FREE printable}

How to Survive Summer Bucket List #ThisIsMySecret #shop #CollectiveBias

With Summer here, I’m planning lots of activities for my boy and me and today, as part of a sponsored post for #CollectiveBias and 5-hour ENERGY®, I’ll tell you how to survive a Summer Bucket List . #ThisIsMySecret. Benjamin and I have big plans this summer. This is his first Summer break as a school kid and […]

Top 5 Super Simple Snacks for Summer

Take a Break for a snack - Outshine fruit bars #SummerGoodies #shop #CollectiveBias

Summertime is all about having fun, playing all day (and into the evening), and skipping meals, so you have to keep the kids fed through snacktime. Make sure you’re getting their tummies fed and their nutrients in by making the snacks count. Fulfill your Summer Bucket List by having all the best super simple snacks for Summer on hand!

Protect Your Entire Family with Banana Boat

Protect your entire family with Banana Boat #BananaBoatBrand #MC #Sponsored

Banana Boat can protect everyone in your family.

Sponsored: Headfirst! Expert Advice on Lice – A New Head Lice Resource for Parents

HeadFirst Expert Advice on Lice – A New Head Lice Resource for Parents

Every parent hopes to avoid dealing with head lice, but much like taxes, some things can’t always be avoided.

Summertime Family Fun Activities

Summertime Family Fun

Summertime is all about Family Time and what better to do as a family than to have fun! I recently wrote a post as a feature on Mom It Forward about Summertime Family Fun and the main message: Whatever you do during summertime, make it fun, make it interactive, and make lots of memories! Read more […]

Summer Picnic and Iced Tea

Snapple Half n Half Summer picnic #Snapple5050

With temperatures over 100 degrees, we spend our time at the splashpark. When a “cool front” came in, we decided to have a Summer picnic!

49 {inexpensive} Cures for Cabin Fever

49 {inexpensive} Cures for Cabin Fever

Spring Break and Summer are rapidly approaching and I know the school kids are getting antsy. There’s nothing quite like a school year and cold weather to give the children a little cabin fever. Even my little man is getting anxious to start the outdoor activities. 49 {inexpensive} Cures for Cabin Fever Why 49 cures […]

Protect your skin with Banana Boat Natural Reflect Sunscreen

Natural Reflect Banana Boat

Banana Boat Natural Reflect Sunscreen The end of summer is coming near, but there is one last holiday that screams outdoors and that is Labor Day. Growing up, Labor Day weekend for me was a weekend at the lake or fishing with a boyfriend. I’ve always had tough skin and would tan rather than burn, […]