Creativity and Sports – Soccer Bowling with Fruit Shoot #StuntHunt

Lunchbox Ready Fruit Shoot #StuntHunt #sponsored

Learn how I foster my boy’s creativity and sports love with a new game of Soccer Bowling!

My boy and his Sports {Wordless Wednesday}

Little Dribblers at Palestine YMCA

From Little Dribblers {and picture day} to the Super Bowl, my boy had a great sports-filled weekend! How was your weekend? Sharing is caring…

Action Shot Camera {Video Review} from the eyes of a 4-year-old

Action Shot Camera

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like from the eyes of a 4 year old? Everything seems so tall and all the messes on the floor are your world. My boy was a trooper recently when I strapped a camera on his tummy and told him to go explore. He didn't know […]

Wordless Wednesday – My Boy in the Newspaper!! @PalestineHerald

My boy made the newspaper!! He's the all-star in the RED helmet!! Thank you, Palestine Herald Press!! Like PHP on Facebook or follow on Twitter @PalestineHerald Sharing is caring…