Cook’n Recipe Organizer Review {from my chef husband}

You read about my husband all the time and know that he's a former chef so you know I had to tap into his expertise when I asked to review the Cook'n Recipe Organizer. I didn't tell him that he was reviewing it right away, but I showed him the "how to" video and then […]

Send a Flying Card Review

Send a Flying Card!! It is a card and a gift, all in one!! I have to say that this was one of the coolest “prizes” my boy has received in the mail EVER!! I was really excited when I found out that I had a chance to review the Flying Card, but when I walked […]

Bellflower Books – Review

     Imagine receiving a personalized memory book full of letters and photos  from your closest friends and family, telling you why you are loved,  supported and appreciated. That is the idea behind a Bellflower Book.

Leave a surprise “I Love You” with SHMILY coins

 Honest confession here…I am not a very affectionate person!! I have a large personal space bubble and I just don't gush over telling Hubby I love him all the time. It's a point of contention in our relationship. He's very romantic and likes to make big gestures and he also likes to cuddle and be […]

Alice Tease Etsy – Alzheimer’s Awareness

I have known Jen, owner of Alice Tease, since about 2002-03 when I met her through a friend. Just after meeting her, I helped her hang some of her artwork in a local coffee shop one evening in Austin, TX, and remember thinking she needed a larger platform to display her art. I am so, […]