Cook’n Recipe Organizer Review {from my chef husband}

Cook'n Recipe Organizer

You read about my husband all the time and know that he's a former chef so you know I had to tap into his expertise when I asked to review the Cook'n Recipe Organizer. I didn't tell him that he was reviewing it right away, but I showed him the "how to" video and then […]

Send a Flying Card Review

Blue Flying Card

Send a Flying Card!! It is a card and a gift, all in one!! I have to say that this was one of the coolest “prizes” my boy has received in the mail EVER!! I was really excited when I found out that I had a chance to review the Flying Card, but when I walked […]

StinkyKids Review/Sponsor Spotlight @StinkyKids


Are your kids StinkyKidsTM?!! My boy is talking a lot about his friends at daycare lately and they are at the age when parallel play moves into interactive play…and he is VERY interactive. I can see how the other children around him influence him to do things and how he tries to influence others as well. […]

Bellflower Books – Review

     Imagine receiving a personalized memory book full of letters and photos  from your closest friends and family, telling you why you are loved,  supported and appreciated. That is the idea behind a Bellflower Book. www.simplesharebuttons.comSharing is caring…

Leave a surprise “I Love You” with SHMILY coins

 Honest confession here…I am not a very affectionate person!! I have a large personal space bubble and I just don't gush over telling Hubby I love him all the time. It's a point of contention in our relationship. He's very romantic and likes to make big gestures and he also likes to cuddle and be […]

Alice Tease Etsy – Alzheimer’s Awareness

I have known Jen, owner of Alice Tease, since about 2002-03 when I met her through a friend. Just after meeting her, I helped her hang some of her artwork in a local coffee shop one evening in Austin, TX, and remember thinking she needed a larger platform to display her art. I am so, […]

In Honor of the Tatas Sponsor – Lovable Labels

In Honor of the Tatas Giveaway Hop will take place from October 21 through 24. Don't forget to come back and enter then!! See this post for details about all of the participating blogs!! It's Lovable Labels!! www.simplesharebuttons.comSharing is caring…