Kaskey Kids: NHL® Hockey Toys {Blackhawks® VS. Redwings®}

My husband is a HUGE hockey fan…HUGE!! Naturally, he has enticed my child to watch hockey as well. Since Hubby is from Detroit, we typically watch the Redwings, but The Boy will watch anything. He is now saying he wants to PLAY hockey when he gets bigger…eh, if it gets him to eat his veggies, I’ll go with […]

Zevia All Natural Soda

Hubby and I love soda. We always, ALWAYS have a soda in hand. It’s embarrassing to admit, but my husband actually walks around with a 2 liter of soda in his hand almost all of the time. Yeah…I know…it’s weird!!

StinkyKids Review/Sponsor Spotlight @StinkyKids

Are your kids StinkyKidsTM?!! My boy is talking a lot about his friends at daycare lately and they are at the age when parallel play moves into interactive play…and he is VERY interactive. I can see how the other children around him influence him to do things and how he tries to influence others as well. […]

TruKid Review

I am fortunate so far that I have a child who loves to take baths and doesn’t particularly like to be dirty. It’s been fairly easy to teach him about hygiene and now we have some extra tools to share with you that are making his independence phase even easier!!

Little One Books Art Prints Review

How is your child’s room decorated? When we moved into our rental home, our boy’s room was painted with boats and fish and we haven’t changed anything, but there’s this room at the front of the house that is just next to the living room and we made that into the Play Room!!

A Christmas Story and the Power of Giving @HBWigglebottom

How do you teach your children about the meaning of giving during the Holidays? Hubby and I have struggled with this in the past because we weren’t really sure how much The Boy would understand. I guess if we had been doing it all along, he would just assume this was the thing to do. […]

Stalkinator Review

Okay, so I don’t have a stalker (I guess I’m not that popular) but I do know that personal safety is very important especially this time of year.

Eco-Foil Review

My family has recently decided to start recycling and turning “green” and it’s been quite an adventure!! I love when The Boy catches me putting a can or bottle in the trash and tells me “No, Mommy, goes in the cycle!!” I’ve mentioned before that Hubby was a chef for 20 years and he’s always […]

Howard B Wigglebottom Learns to Listen {Review}

The Boy is three and a half and well, you know, he does NOT listen!! Hubby and I are pulling our hair out sometimes at home and then arriving at daycare (or wherever we leave The Boy) to find out that he has been a perfect little angel all day. Since we’re such big readers […]

Raindrop Dream by Lisa Weidknecht {Review}

You’re learning now that The Boy loves books and he wants to read ALL the time!! We spend a LOT of time reading (and coloring ;)) Now that he is understanding more what the books have to say, I love when we find a book that has a good message and what better to learn about […]