Personal Connections at Blogging Conferences

For an extreme introvert like me, making friends, putting myself “out there”, and being in large social event situations can be terrifying. However, sometimes those quiet wallflower moments can lead to the most perfect memories and the real personal connections that I cherish most. Disclosure: I don’t know if I need to disclose so I’ll just […]

It’s time for some #SoFabCon pics {not-so} Wordless Wednesday

I know, I know, I’m late on getting my SoFabCon pictures up, but give a girl a break! I’ve been down with ANOTHER staph infection (actually 4 of them right now) but I’m on the mend. And besides, you all know me, I can’t do anything in a timely fashion. I’m just crazy like that! […]

I’m whiny and frustrated #ThisIsMe

This past weekend, I attended a blogging conference with 300+ of my closest friends. Ha! No, really, this was an amazing conference and it felt like I knew so many people from talking to them and being a part of this community for over a year. SoFabCon was the first blogging conference by Collective Bias […]