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Day 27 – Thankful for My Sisters #Sisterpalooza

Today I am thankful for my sisters and Sisterpalooza.

{Pay It Forward} Sisterpalooza Shopping Spree & 5 Reasons You Need a Sam’s Club Membership

I finally got to Pay it Forward during a Sisterpalooza shopping spree at Sam’s Club. Check out all the benefits of having a membership!

Sisterpalooza Memories {Wordless Wednesday}

I don't know if it is because I just saw my sisters for my boy's birthday or what, but I'm reminiscing about Sisterpalooza moments and thought I would share a few pics of my sisters and me. If you have a sister nearby, give her a hug or a phone call or just tell her […]

Five Crazy Thoughts about Black Friday: Gone Too Far? {Thanksgiving is about Family}

 As I was growing up, Black Friday didn’t really mean much to me. I would sleep late and be lazy around the house because I was out of school for one more day. We ate leftover turkey sandwiches and lots of pie and sometimes we would hear about how all of the people were out shopping. […]

How to Pamper Girlfriends with a Spa at Home Party

Taking time to pamper yourself can be hard to do sometimes. This time of year can be stressful and the weather can wreak havoc on your skin. Do you think your girlfriends are going through the same struggles as you? Why not pamper yourself and your girlfriends?! I decided to pamper my friends, my sisters, […]

Making Time for a 2nd Talk during Sisterpalooza

Making Time for a 2nd Talk during Sisterpalooza A few years ago, my sisters and I came up with a term for our time together – those times when we are inseparable (usually shopping) and the rest of our family members tend to feel slightly ignored… Sisterpalooza!! We usually plan these times out really well […]

Brothers and Sisters Day on May 2

Today is Brothers and Sisters Day!! My sisters and I have coined the term Sisterpalooza for the times when we leave all children and husbands behind and just hang out together. We started this one year during Black Friday when only my older sister had children, but we’ve continued for the past 7-8 years or so […]

Sisterpalooza…and the Games we play

This weekend my sisters and I are getting together and when the three of us do that it’s always an interesting experience. The last time we got together for a weekend, we decided to name it…Sisterpalooza!! Our significant others (and some of our children) have learned to just leave us alone and do their own thing. When […]