5 Reasons You Need a Sam’s Club Membership

I finally got to Pay it Forward during a Sisterpalooza shopping spree at Sam’s Club. Check out all the benefits of having a membership!

Back to School Quick and Easy Meals

It seems that Summer has just begun, but it’s already halfway over! It’s time to start thinking about Back to School and the hectic time of year when quick and easy meals are a must-have. This post about Back to School Quick and Easy Meals is a partnership with Collective Bias and Tyson; however, I have […]

Quick & Healthy Dinner Ideas: Italian Dishes with Mashed Cauliflower {plus dessert!}

I've been reassessing dinner time in our household lately. You see, Hubby is working really hard right now and he comes home exhausted. He has always been responsible for dinner for our family because he's the chef. Now that I'm working a less stressful job, I'm looking for some quick and healthy dinner ideas for […]

Texas Pride and Football!

  There is nothing better than Texas Pride and Football!! It is almost time for the Big Game and I'm ready. I have the supplies for my Ultimate Buffalo BLT ready and my boy is getting excited about watching football with his Papa. I've been talking a lot about football last week and this week […]

Enjoy a BLT with a Dallas Cowboys Superstar

Who do you think of when you think about a Dallas Cowboys Superstar? There are so many, past and present, and I'm sure we all have our favorites, right?! Are you a Dallas Cowboys fan, too?! I grew up as a Dallas Cowboys fan and I don't think I could deny it if I tried. […]

Getting Healthy and Feeling GREAT with Lean Cuisine

  I know you are just sitting on the edge of your seats, refreshing your browser and Google Reader, counting the hours until my latest email comes to your inbox, waiting for me to update you on how my "step" in the right direction is going… Well, you are in luck because here it is!! […]

Taking a “step” in the right direction with Lean Cuisine

I need to get real with you all and ask for your kindness and support. I need to put all of this out there and hope that it empowers me to make some changes. Please be kind. I have always struggled with my weight and with finding the right program or way of life to change […]

Sisters Are Girlfriends Gift Bags #HealthyValue #CBias

I am the middle child of 5 sisters, two biological and two sisters-in-law. All four sisters love make-up and fashion and jewelry, but when it comes to these things I can sometimes be clueless. I am putting together some Sisters Are Girlfriends Gift Bags for them and I want to get some great healthy products […]

Mommy and Daddy Time with International Delight Iced Coffee

Have you had a chance to try the International Delight Mocha Iced Coffee yet? I recently found out about this drink and I am in love!! Hubby and I had a day alone without The Boy and I treated myself to a yummy drink!! I was invited to participate in an International Delight campaign to […]