Halloween Safety Tips for Pets {plus Halloween Treats for Dogs}

Treat your pet this Halloween, but don’t forget your Halloween Safety Tips for pets…and your adorable pet costume!

4th of July Celebrations & Pet Safety Tips

The 4th of July holiday is the number one time for pets to run away. When you’re getting ready to celebrate, here are a few Pet Safety Tips to follow.

Staying Clean at Six Flags Over Texas

This blog post is written by Benjamin (aka “The Boy”). He wrote this review while his mom was participating in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Wet Ones. His family received free admission to Six Flags Over Texas, attended an informational and complimentary luncheon, and received a gift bag and promotional item to […]

Medication Safety for Children {Tips for Awareness and Prevention}

Accidental dosage When I was between 9 and 10 years old, I treated my little sister like she was my baby. She was around 2 to 3 years old and I decided one day that I could give her the medicine she needed for her aching legs. I had watched my mom give her a […]

Complete Guide to Fireworks {Types, Colors, Safety, Laws, More..} #4thofJuly

I hope you all have a Safe and Happy 4th of July!! Browse more infographics.

Summer Safety Tips – HOT Tips for Protecting Your Skin in The Summer

Summer is fast approaching, which means it is unfortunately time to pack up our sweatpants, gloves, scarves and wool coats. We are all starting to dig out the shorts, bathing suits, and preheating our BBQ’s for dinner in the backyard. Life is swell!  Although we go through this every year, I still seem to forget […]

A Dad’s To-Do List in Creating a Child-Proof Home {Guest Post}

This guest post is funny to me because when I was about 7 months pregnant with our son, my husband was the one who “nested”. I was convinced I had all the time in the world, even to the point that when my water broke I told my husband that we were wasting time by […]

Safe Sleep practices #StopChildAbuse

During the day, I work an office job for Child Protective Services in Texas. I hear lots of awful stories, ones that most people would prefer not to hear. In my work at CPS, I’ve been a caseworker and a supervisor and I’ve seen, heard, and told others about abuse as a casual conversation – […]

Is Your Child Safe? Are You Safe?

Do you remember all the different instructions you were given in the hospital when your first baby was born? Did you get all the same or different and new instructions from all of your friends, family, strangers…or those parenting books?!! Did it overwhelm you while you tried to follow all the rules and do everything […]

Appliance Safety for Kids

To kids, the world is full of opportunities for interaction. They appear to have been put on this planet to grab, poke, pull, and put things in their mouths. Kids will explore the world one object at a time, and you’re justified in worrying about what that object might be. A toy? Your jewelry? What […]