Why I’m Proud of That Crazy Man I Love

Sometimes things happen in our lives and we don’t know how we will react. This week I have a lot to be proud of with that crazy man I love. A couple of days ago, I was on the road for work and barely heard from Hubby while he was also at work. This is […]

That Crazy Man I Love {Summer Grilling ideas}

As part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias®, I treated “That Crazy Man I Love” to an early Father’s Day including Summer Grilling, Buffalo Style Hot Wings, and of course, a Family Fun Day!  Summer Traditions Summertime for my family has always meant being outside, swimming, grilling, playing in the water, going to Galveston beach, […]

That Crazy Man I Love {and raising a boy to be a man}

Our boy is out of town for the week with my older sister and her family. He is spending a lot of time with his Uncle Don during the day and we have been getting tons of pictures throughout the days. While it is nice to have some quiet time to be alone, we still […]

That Crazy Man I Love { and blogging }

About a year and a half ago, I told my husband that I wanted to start a blog. This man I love didn’t really know why or what I was talking about, but he is blindly supportive of me in just about everything I do. Almost immediately he noticed that things were changing in our household. I […]

That Crazy Man I Love {and Mommy is sick…still}

You hear it all the time. When Mommy is Sick, the whole family suffers. Schedules fall apart, laundry piles up, kids go to school in dirty underwear… That is not my household. I have been sick for two weeks. You saw my MRSA infection (staph infection) story, right? I have been a mess for a […]

That Crazy Man I Love {and the games we play}

My boy has become attracted to video games lately and while it is adorable, he is not quite ready to play some of them. He particularly likes to play Disney games online, but the games we play are more involved than what he is used to so I end up playing them while he watches. I […]

That Crazy Man I Love {and feminine products}

I guess you can probably tell by my post title that I haven’t felt very well this week. It was that time of the month and I am run down. I am cranky and crampy and I just want to sleep. It’s almost over and we have a fun family weekend ahead. I’m glad it […]

That Crazy Man I Love {and Everybody Loves Raymond!}

Do you ever feel like you are living in a sitcom? Sometimes, the things that go on in my house should really be a part of a show, but then I think that's what this blog is for so I just ramble on and tell you all about it. Lately, I am reminded of the […]

That Crazy Man I Love { on my nerves }

You might have figured from the title of this post that my nerves are a little shot this week and that crazy man I love may or may not be riding on them, but I’m hoping that by the end of this I will feel a little better and can get back to the good […]

That Crazy Man I Love {and how he loves me back}

Let me first just say this post could get a little mushy because, well…it's Valentine's Day…and talking about that crazy man I love and how he loves me back is just mushy, lovey dovey. So, deal with it! Haha! I've started this never-ending list of reasons I love my husband and it's had a fun […]