Overtired or Narcoleptic? #NaBloPoMo

Exhaustion or Narcolepsy

Have you ever been so tired that you fell into a deep sleep and woke up not knowing where you were or even what day it was? This happens to me quite often and Hubby thinks there maybe something wrong with me. You know how I mentioned getting road hypnosis? I have been getting like […]

Coping with Nerves and Kids’ Sports {Wordless Wednesday}

nail biting as a means of coping with nerves

Coping with Nerves I've told you what gets me all jumpy and nervous, but one of the most nerve-wracking experiences for me as a parent is watching my boy play sports. I know this because my son started t-ball this year and I thought I would be easy peasy and just go with the flow. […]

Top 5 Anxiety Provoking Situations

Top 5 Anxiety Provoking Situations

Today at work I had a conference with my boss, which happens about every other month, so I was really nervous and scared. I don't know why I do that to myself every time. He comes in and we chat for an hour and he tells me I'm doing a good job and he appreciates […]

To BlogHer or Not To BlogHer {My glass is half full!!}

BlogHer 2012 New York City

I cannot explain how excited and nervous and freaking out worried I am right now because there is actually a chance I might be going to BlogHer in New York!!  I was talking to some friends from BloggerPR today and Kim from Tales of a Ranting Ginger mentioned that she had a friend who was […]

My Husband, The Food Nut

knowledge is the food of the soul - Plato #GELightingCFK

Hubby says that he became a chef because when people eat his food and look happy, THAT is his Intense Joy. This really works for our relationship because I like to eat, but hate to cook. I have been encouraging Hubby to post more on The Food Nut, but so far he’s been stalling. Maybe […]

Are We There Yet {My Favorite Place}?

home with Mommy and Daddy

Since he was very small, my son has always been "okay" with going to spend time with his Granny and Papa or Aunt B. I attribute it mostly to him going to daycare since he was two months old. He loves to be with Hubby and me, but he also loves hanging out at other […]

Jump for Joy {Dancing with a Princess}

The Boy and his cousin watching a DVD before the wedding

There aren’t many things in this world that would make me Jump for Joy, but I’m always entertained when my boy is around. I spent the majority of the day on Sunday chasing my boy around a hotel in Dallas, waiting for my brother-in-law’s wedding to begin. Hubby was in the wedding so we arrived […]

Jump In and Make an Impact

Are you good with remembering names? What about just faces? I'm terrible at it!! My husband and I moved back to my hometown just before we had our son and I see people almost daily that I went to school with and I cannot remember their names. It's so embarrassing!! People come and go in […]

My own double standard and jumping to conclusions

Look before you leap

I was thinking today about my post last night, I wrote that if I had the money, I would help my husband jump into opening a restaurant, but why did I put that qualifier on his dream? Yet, when I'm asked "do you have to look before you leap?" my first thought goes to my […]

All the money in the world will not give you more time to do it all

time and money

Time and money – it's what we all think we want,  it never feel like we have enough. What is something you'd like to jump into if you had more time and/or money? When I first started working in the child protection field, there were major changes going on. Big wigs were visiting the offices […]