Getting Sick is Expensive!

For the past two weeks, someone in my family has been sick. Granted, that someone has mostly been me, but we have all had our turns in getting ill, going to a doctor's appointment, and then coming out with a list of prescriptions and a large bill to be paid. Getting sick is expensive and my […]

Super Savings Super Moms Can Use {Guest Post}

Being a mom isn’t always easy but it sure can be rewarding. On that same train of thought, being a super saving mom isn’t always easy but it can also be rewarding, financially. The trick is finding ways to do this realistically these days. We’re not talking about great stock tips or where best to […]

All the money in the world will not give you more time to do it all

Time and money – it's what we all think we want,  it never feel like we have enough. What is something you'd like to jump into if you had more time and/or money? When I first started working in the child protection field, there were major changes going on. Big wigs were visiting the offices […]