What is Love and Boredom?

Last night Hubby and I were watching Intervention and the alcoholic single mom was explaining how she went from Super Mom to Alcoholic Mom and something really strange came out of my mouth…and now has me a little worried.

New Year’s Goals.. Finally!!

As a new"ish" blogger, I am constantly learning about what to post and when to be "with the times" so I've read several other bloggers posting about New Year's Resolutions or New Year's Goals and I've been putting it off a little because I just don't know what to say. I've never been one to […]

Fatty Friday Bummer – 298.2

  Who gained weight during the Holidays?!! Is your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight, get healthy, feel better, be more active…all of the above?!! Yeah, me too!! I’m making my journey of weight loss public in hopes that the accountability will help me and talking about the struggle of addiction to food will help others!! Since Hubby […]

Bloggin’ Ain’t for Sissies!!

After a day like today, I’m really happy that I have started a Newbie Group and one of my Newbies has started this link-up!! This may sound a little like a vent/rant/blowing steam, but the premise of it is real!! Enjoy!! I’m joining Melissa at The Kids Are Grown, Now What? for So You Want to […]

Fatty Friday is BACK!!

  Do you struggle with yo-yo dieting or just weight issues in general? You may have noticed lately that more and more of my reviews and giveaways deal with weight loss products and I’m trying newer things. Well, Hubby and I decided (once again) to head back to the place we know works for us…and […]

Fatty Friday – struggling with addiction

My new weight: Who knows…I’m sure it’s a gain!! Hubby and I have been bad and I have not felt well…   We skipped last Thursday’s weigh-in because we were celebrating our anniversary and then last night I was very sick with stomach cramps so we skipped again. This is our struggle!! It’s actually really […]

Fatty Friday – 284.2

My new weight: 284.2 That’s a 1 lb loss!! It’s a loss, but since it’s been such an off week, I wasn’t expecting much…   I wasn’t as hungry this week, but I haven’t really felt great. I’m always so tired and achy and it’s not really enough to go to the doctor, but Hubby keeps […]

It’s Ok Thursday – On a Friday!!

I have seen this link-up in many places and I was intrigued, but then I saw this post from Holly at 8six11 and I was inspired!!

Fatty Friday – 285.2

My new weight: 285.2 That’s a 3.2 lb loss!!   I was so hungry this week so I’m happy to see a loss!! There were a few times that I thought I was going to cheat, but I stood strong. I even walked into Family Dollar for a snack while I was at work and I […]


I have been telling my family’s story on Wednesday’s for Pour Your Heart Out and I mentioned yesterday that Hubby is getting a little frustrated with my lack of positive posting about him. I’ve said it before, but I want you all to know that