DIY Love Coupon Games {free printables}

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays in full steam, you’re going to need some motivation to keep the romance alive in your relationship.

Day 3 – Thankful for My husband #CrazyThankful

I’ve told you all the 100 reasons I love my husband and I’ve told you how we met, fell in love, and lived “happily ever after”, but today I want to tell you why I’m thankful for my husband.

Honey Do List Printables

It’s been so long since I updated you all on how much I love my husband that I thought I would give you an update on him and his current situation and then I also made these really fun Honey Do List printables that you can download for free to keep your honey busy, too!

Spontaneous Romantic Bedroom Makeover

We took the KY Liquibeads Challenge and I felt inspired to do a spontaneous romantic bedroom makeover. Will you take the challenge, too?

Enjoying the Renewed Intimacy in my Marriage

How do you create a renewed intimacy in your marriage?

The Workaholic’s Guide to Intimacy

Now that I’ve become a workaholic, I need to check back in and recreate intimacy in my relationship.

Sharp Tongue in Marriage

We are constantly working on our marriage and my #1 is to work on my sharp tongue.

That Crazy Man I Love { in good times and bad }

Through good times and bad, Howard and I have decided we will make this marriage work.

I’m Lost Without My Child

I’m off work and my boy is at daycare. What do I do now?

That Crazy Man I Love {on special time together and routines}

Kindergarten, Kroger, gas station, home, work, home, Whataburger, Kroger, work, YMCA, home, Kroger, home – and that’s a light day of driving for me. Howard and I have finally found a way to get in some special time together amongst this crazy schedule.