(non-traditional) New Mommy Gift Basket

(non-traditional) New Mommy Gift Basket #LifesLittleLeaks #ad

What in the world is a (non-traditional) New Mommy Gift Basket anyway?

5 Confidence Boosters That Will Change Your Life! {plus FREE Daily Affirmations printables}

5 Confidence Boosters that will change your life #sponsored #PoisewithSAM

If you have issues with confidence like me, you will want to try these confidence boosters and change your life!

How to Cope with Light Bladder Leakage

I deal with light bladder leakage #PoisewithSAM

If you laugh, cough, and sneeze so hard that tears run down your legs, I have tips for you on how to cope with light bladder leakage.

What Mom Didn’t Teach Me About Pregnancy

What Mom Didn't Teach Me about Pregnancy #SAMinyourpants #sponsored

My mom passed away while I was pregnant with Benjamin and here are a few things that Mom didn’t teach me about pregnancy.