Labor Day humor {poems and jokes}

It’s not even quite noon in Texas and I’ve already done more “work” on Labor Day than I normally do on a work day! I have had a crazy day and I’m not even halfway in yet. 🙂 Some people may say that today should be called “No Labor Day” because we’re all off work […]

WEBER King of the Grill flower arrangement from Teleflora

You know how they say there’s a card for everything? Well, there is also a flower arrangement for every holiday with Teleflora!! If you’re planning a “Send off Summer” party or having a Labor Day barbecue party or you just want to send someone a flower delivery to brighten their day, check out this unique […]

Protect your skin with Banana Boat Natural Reflect Sunscreen

Banana Boat Natural Reflect Sunscreen The end of summer is coming near, but there is one last holiday that screams outdoors and that is Labor Day. Growing up, Labor Day weekend for me was a weekend at the lake or fishing with a boyfriend. I’ve always had tough skin and would tan rather than burn, […]