Quick & Healthy Dinner Ideas: Italian Dishes with Mashed Cauliflower {plus dessert!}

I've been reassessing dinner time in our household lately. You see, Hubby is working really hard right now and he comes home exhausted. He has always been responsible for dinner for our family because he's the chef. Now that I'm working a less stressful job, I'm looking for some quick and healthy dinner ideas for […]

Summertime Fun {ice cream, water balloons, water guns} – Wordless Wednesday

Summertime Fun {ice cream, water balloons, water guns} The Boy and I had a fun-filled Summertime weekend and we even let Daddy join us! On Saturday, we headed to the library for an End of Summer Ice Cream Party!!   After ice cream, we were all invited out behind the library for a water balloon […]

I scream, You scream.. Weight Watchers Ice Cream Bars!!

I scream, You scream, We ALL scream for Ice Cream!! I could eat ice cream every day (even though I’m lactose intolerant) and I’m pretty picky about my flavors and my brands. One big problem – I’m allergic!! I break out into FAT – all over!!