The First Rule of Protein Fight Club

While the first rule of “Fight Club” is to not talk about “Fight Club,” the first rule of Protein Fight Club is to tell everybody about it.

Weekly Update! {Filling the BIG ORANGE TUB}

I just came back from a four day weekend and we were so busy! We took our boy to a prescreening of Wreck It, Ralph (loved it! review coming soon!) and we visited my Granny (Granny Great) and my Aunt Linda (Great Aunt Winna) and we did so many fun things on Thursday and Friday […]

Giving Back to Help Others Make the Switch with Jennie-O {SIMPLE Service Project}

You guys are always reading about my family’s challenges with weight loss and our desire to live healthier along with the changes that we are making. When I heard about this month’s SIMPLE Service Project, I just knew it would fit in perfectly with our changes. I told you earlier in the month about our […]

Jennie-O Make The Switch Challenge SIMPLE Service Project

As I make this journey through parenthood, I have lots of things to worry about. My biggest concern has always been that my son would have to struggle with weight issues like Hubby and me and I have promised myself that I will do what I can to prevent that from happening. Through my pregnancy, […]

IronKids gummy vitamins Review

I have been telling my son lately that he is going to turn into either a chicken nugget or a hot dog…you know, you are what you eat… He’s not really a picky eater because he will try lots of new foods (his daddy is a chef!!) but he just likes what he likes!! Just […]