Open Adoption, Open Heart

We feel like it is our job to load up our kids’ tool box – to do our best to make sure they have the tools they will need for the future. My wife and I went through a lot of crazy things, legal and emotional, while we were going through our adoptions. A lot […]

4 Tips to Get Started Teaching Your Child to Read

4 Tips to Get Started Teaching Your Child to Read Learning to read is one of the most important skills that your child will learn. Reading is fundamental in almost every area of life. They need to be a good reader to excel in school, learn to drive a car, or land a good job […]

The Elusive Tooth Fairy

I’m not sure if other parents have this problem, but our tooth fairy is the most unreliable person ever. Occasionally, she’ll come that first night but usually it takes more like a week or more. She gets lost, delayed by rainstorms or the snow, goes to the wrong house, or can’t find a way to […]

Who is watching the babies? #StopChildAbuse

Last month was Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month and I asked several of my blogger friends for stories and posts about their experiences, tips, and advice. There were so many that I just couldn't fit them into one month so I'm bringing you another from Greta at How Was Your Day.