Tales from AWANA

I am joining Joan at the Grace Cafe today with a story about my experience with AWANA this past Sunday.         This Fall I have somehow managed to volunteer myself to teach AWANA for the youngest group of children in our church. My son is in the Puggles class with me, although […]

You Just Never Know What Lies Ahead… (Hubby’s Guest Post!!)

My baby boy almost broke his HEAD this week!!  For about the past year (since we moved into this house) I have been taking baths with The Boy or at least sitting in the bathroom with him and playing. Maybe two weeks ago, I started wandering off just a little to do laundry or look […]

Faith Like No Other

I am joining Joan at the Grace Cafe today with a testament to Faith like none I’ve ever seen!! 

What does He have in store for us next…?

I’ve been a busy bee lately and I’m wearing down!! Work has been hectic and my mind wanders to my blog way too often, The Boy has flip-flopped from Mommy time to Daddy time to Seriously Why Are You Screaming time…I’ve started a Newbie Blog Hop and Fatty Friday, I have a Blog Hop or […]

Come along for the ride…and Post #100!!

I am joining Shanda for On Your Heart Tuesdays…   I wondered and wondered all week what would come to me this morning for my Tuesday morning post. At times it is easy to know what’s on my heart and I look forward to Tuesday morning, but other times I don’t know what I’m going […]

Don’t spoil your children!!

I wish I had a picture of my son this morning when I dropped him off at daycare to share with you, but I will just give this one to you instead:

A family changed forever…

Are you being affected by the East Texas Fires? I wrote about the fires yesterday, but I wanted to give a little update. This morning we woke to tons of smoke in the air (The Boy called it “spooky outside”) and the smell is overwhelming. It smells like the after effects of a fire. You […]

Where He leads…I’m following!!

Yesterday, Hubby and I were watching TV at lunch and I was curled up in a ball under the blankets because (a) I was freezing and (b) I was cramping so bad!! I wondered out loud why this month’s cramping is so much worse than it usually is and Hubby responded, “I wonder why God […]

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!

Hubby has two days off together this week and he took some time yesterday to read through my blog. I guess he didn’t realize that I was posting (as much) about him as I have been and he commented that I seem to be pointing out the negatives of our life together. In all honesty, I […]

My Baby Girl…

In the morning, O Lord, you hear my voice; In the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation. Psalm 5:3 What about you? Have you waiting a long time for your answer? Are you still expecting an answer for your every prayer? Do you have calluses on your knees? I am […]