Why I love Social Fabric: I have learned about family, friends, and fun!

We all have ideas of what a family should look like or should be like. Growing up, we are taught about our own families and life’s lessons, but when we start our own family, we have to mesh those ideas into something new and grow a new family model. Hubby and I had very different […]

Summertime Fun {ice cream, water balloons, water guns} – Wordless Wednesday

Summertime Fun {ice cream, water balloons, water guns} The Boy and I had a fun-filled Summertime weekend and we even let Daddy join us! On Saturday, we headed to the library for an End of Summer Ice Cream Party!!   After ice cream, we were all invited out behind the library for a water balloon […]

Having Fun without Breaking the Bank – Guest Post

Every family wants to have fun while not breaking the bank. I want to start off by reminding you that it is so important for couples to have a date night, whether it is once/week or once/month but it is necessary for couples no matter how long they have been together to keep the romance […]

Who says the FBI can’t have FUN??!!

I was strolling around the internet and came across the coolest site!! It’s the FBI!!! There is obviously lots of good information for us, but you have to check out their Kids Page!! In the K-5th Grade section, kids can learn About the FBI, get Safety Tips, Learn about the Dogs (my boy’s fave part!!), and Play […]