And then I disappeared for a few days {because that is what I do}

I asked you if you would come back and talk to me about your life… …And then I disappeared… It's Monday now and I'm looking at email and blog stats and reading other blogs and realizing that I haven't posted since Friday. It's funny, really, because on Friday I was all mushy and talking about […]

If I blog it, they will come…won’t they?

Blogging is fun. Blogging is work. Blogging is cathartic. Blogging is stressful. Blogging is easy. Blogging is hard. Why is blogging such a joy and such a challenge at the same time? For me, blogging was supposed to be a hobby, a part-time fun thing to do when Hubby wanted to watch some crazy show […]

Lucky Number 7

When I met my husband, he informed me that he had a lucky number. He said lucky number 7 had always popped up in his life. His birthday is 7/7/74. I had never really considered a lucky number so I just smiled and nodded and found it endearing. By the way, we met in 2007 […]

Tools for Back to School with Boys and Girls Club of America

When I was a caseworker with Child Protective Services I was often assigned the task of finding resources for kids and families. One of my favorite resources in the community was always the Boys and Girls Club. I didn’t know about the Club when I was young, but the more I learned the more it […]

Tips for Travelling with Children

Are you travelling with children this Summer or are you planning a trip for younger children once school start and the airports and vacation spots are less visited? Check out this guest post on tips for Travelling Overseas with Children. Children are always a joy to be with. Unfortunately, the amount of free time you […]

Summer Fun – Plan a Staycation to San Antonio and SAVE!!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of SAVE for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Staycation and SAVE Hubby and I have been talking lately about taking a weekend staycation and have considered going to San Antonio. It's a little bit of a drive from East Texas, but I have fond […]

We are an online game-playing family

Visiting a cow, a dog, a chicken, and a rat in a barnyard; Throwing arrows or practice shooting pellets at a target; Coloring animals and trucks all different colors or painting them by numbers; Planting seeds and flowers and fighting zombies off my lawn; Popping balloons in rows of three to earn points – Yep, […]

Top 5 Anxiety Provoking Situations

Today at work I had a conference with my boss, which happens about every other month, so I was really nervous and scared. I don't know why I do that to myself every time. He comes in and we chat for an hour and he tells me I'm doing a good job and he appreciates […]

My Apologies {Forgiveness Needed}

I'm a busy mom with an even busier 4 year old son, am married to a (sorta) needy husband, and have two VERY needy dogs. I work full time outside the home and (basically) full time blogging. My income is the primary income for the family, although my husband works and his income contributes greatly as […]

Brothers and Sisters Day on May 2

Today is Brothers and Sisters Day!! My sisters and I have coined the term Sisterpalooza¬†for the times when we leave all children and husbands behind and just hang out together. We started this one year during Black Friday when only my older sister had children, but we’ve continued for the past 7-8 years or so […]