Flashback and Great Weekend

I won’t be around today (Sunday) because I’ll be teaching AWANA and then at my dad’s so I thought I would put up this post from my old personal blog. On a side note, Hubby and I had a weekend alone (well, he has to work at 7am on Sunday) because The Boy was at […]

You Just Never Know What Lies Ahead… (Hubby’s Guest Post!!)

My baby boy almost broke his HEAD this week!!  For about the past year (since we moved into this house) I have been taking baths with The Boy or at least sitting in the bathroom with him and playing. Maybe two weeks ago, I started wandering off just a little to do laundry or look […]

What does He have in store for us next…?

I’ve been a busy bee lately and I’m wearing down!! Work has been hectic and my mind wanders to my blog way too often, The Boy has flip-flopped from Mommy time to Daddy time to Seriously Why Are You Screaming time…I’ve started a Newbie Blog Hop and Fatty Friday, I have a Blog Hop or […]

A family changed forever…

Are you being affected by the East Texas Fires? I wrote about the fires yesterday, but I wanted to give a little update. This morning we woke to tons of smoke in the air (The Boy called it “spooky outside”) and the smell is overwhelming. It smells like the after effects of a fire. You […]

Downs…and the Oh-So-Good Ups!!

I feel like I’ve had a rough week already.It’s only Tuesday and I’m exhausted. **Sorry, I have to talk about “it”** My period was acting funny last week so Hubby and I thought possibly I was pregnant…no such luck. I wonder if we aren’t getting too anxious about it and I’m making myself have weird […]

Mommy needs a break {on my mind all the time}

I was lying in bed with Hubby on Monday at lunch time (watching TV!!) and I just had an overwhelming feeling and blurted out: “Let’s get a babysitter and sleep in tomorrow”. He was surprised by this and asked what I meant. I told him that I wanted to send The Boy to a babysitter (aka family […]