Peanut Butter Cookie Cake Recipe

We created a special family game night just to celebrate the release of Disney Infinity 2.0 with Marvel Superheroes!

Family Traditions: Playing Board Games Together {Review}

Family Traditions: Playing Board Games Together Growing up, I always begged my older sister to play games with me. I would beg and plead and she would never play games with me. She is only five years older than me, but she was just not interested in playing board games or card games. So, I […]

Creating Family Traditions with Family Game Night

I was talking with a few friends on Twitter recently about Back to School and routines and the question was asked, “How do you keep your kids interested in family once school starts and friends become more important”. I was surprised by my answer, considering I don’t have a child in school yet, but I […]

Family Game Night {from homemade puzzle to pictionary, plans and a 4 year old} #GluenGlitter

Does your family ever plan a Family Game Night? Do you have planned activities and crafts or do you simply play board games and watch movies? How old were your children when you started Family Game Night? Family Game Night with Sparkles #GluenGlitter As you know, my son is four years old and, I believe, […]