Continuing Education for Kids with Spectrum Workbooks

How do you provide continuing education to your children?

Twelve Fruits and Vegetables even a Picky Eater will eat

Are your kids picky eaters? With my husband being a chef, it is not really an option for our son to be very picky. One of the things we have found recently to help encourage our boy to eat fruits and vegetables is the Copy-Kids DVD.  COPY-KIDSTM EAT FRUITS AND VEGETABLES The DVD features 12 […]

Save money on Textbooks

When I started college, my parents didn’t have the money to help much so I was left with options of financial aid, working full time, and finding ways to save money where I could. Mostly, financial aid would cover the cost of classes, but there were times when buying all of the books that were […]

To Study or Not To Study…?

Growing up it was always assumed that my sisters and I would go to college. When it came time for me to leave for college, I was making good money (for a teenager) and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go. I went. I have a Bachelor’s degree. I have half of the credits […]

The Period of PURPLE

Due to my day job, I am always hearing about the frustrations parents go through to raise their families when they haven’t been given the proper support and education. Traumatic Head Injury (formerly Shaken Baby Syndrome) is much too common. I have to admit, my son was one of the easiest babies (and is truly […]