Weekly Update! {Filling the BIG ORANGE TUB}

I just came back from a four day weekend and we were so busy! We took our boy to a prescreening of Wreck It, Ralph (loved it! review coming soon!) and we visited my Granny (Granny Great) and my Aunt Linda (Great Aunt Winna) and we did so many fun things on Thursday and Friday […]

Help them Thrive! Big Orange Tub of Hygiene Products for Kids

Help them Thrive! Hygiene Products for Kids Dial Into Giving – Champions for Kids SIMPLE Service Project #DialCFK #CBias So, last month my boy and I donated a BIG GREEN TUB of books to the Palestine YMCA and this month we couldn't resist the tub again. Have you seen the BIG ORANGE TUB that I talked […]

Big Orange Tub of hygiene products for kids

Hygiene Products for Kids Donation Drive Help Them Thrive! Champions for Kids SIMPLE Service Project #DialCFK During October, Dial is sponsoring the Champions for Kids SIMPLE Service Project #DialCFK and inspiring us all to Dial Into Giving by holding a Hygiene products for kids donation drive to "Help Them Thrive!". To find out more about Dial products, […]