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White Chocolate-Covered Cherry Creme brulee {recipe}

White Chocolate-Covered Cherry Creme brulee {Renuzit®’s Tempting Indulgences™} #TemptYourSenses Inspired Dessert Make Everyday a Little Sweeter” with Renuzit®’s new Tempting Indulgences™ products.  I love the smell of something sweet baking in the oven. Something about baking makes me think of the holidays and all the wonderful smells. I can remember growing up and my mom […]

The King’s Bread Pudding {Unusual Bacon Dessert}

You know the “talk of the town” in food lately seems to be a lot about bacon, especially bacon featured in desserts!! Hubby and I were just watching the Food Network show, Chopped, last night and the dessert round basket had pancetta in it. We just giggled at it after the past two weeks we […]

Mango Tea Cheesecake {recipe}

Hubby makes the BEST cheesecake!! He’s allowed me to post the recipe over at Formula Mom today for Sweet Saturday!! Go visit Mariah at Formula Mom and say Hi for me!!