My Depression Story: How Abilify Changed My Life

The long version of my story – and how Abilify changed my life.

Depression is…

Depression is something I have to take control of before it takes control of me. What is Depression to you?

Why I Will Miss Kidd Kraddick

Kidd was hilarious and daring and he was a radio genius. His morning show was one of the best (if not THE best) radio show I’ve ever listened to, but even that is not the big reason I will miss him.

My Depression Story: Forced friendships can be a good thing

When I left for college, I left behind my very best friend in the world and drove 3+ hours away. I didn’t want to go. I’ll talk about why next week because this week I want to talk about friendships I made while in college. Specifically, my only other best friend in the world, Ms. […]

My Depression Story: When that one good friend comes along

When depression is in your life, it is difficult to make friends. All you really need is one good friend to help you through. Do you have one good friend who just gets you, who is always there, who will catch you before you even know you are falling?

My Depression Story: Making New Friends

Making new friends is often difficult on many children. My sisters don’t appear to have problems with making friends, but I have always struggled between shyness in making new friends and depression in keeping those friends. Writing about my depression for the past two weeks has really be eye-opening. I have talked about how my […]

My Depression Story: Sharing my experiences with family

I started writing last week about my depression and I don’t know if I portrayed what I wanted to portray right away. I really just let the words flow and it brought about some memories, some lack of memories, and a whole lot of support from friends, readers, and even family. I did it again. […]

My Depression Story: Childhood memories

  I don’t know how to make this post look pretty with headings and pictures so I’m just going to write it. The thing is, depression is not pretty and there aren’t turning points when you know the depression is coming or pictures to know exactly what it looks like or even what it might […]

What I really want for Mother’s Day

  Last night was one of those nights. You know the ones, where everyone is a little on edge and Mommy and Daddy are tired, but the boy is ready to play, and things just aren’t going right…and then Mommy completely loses it. My emotions are on a roller coaster lately and I honestly couldn’t […]

the struggle with depression

Yesterday, I read a post from a new bloggy friend, Heather at Bluebonnets and Breakdowns, about her struggle with depression and learning about a dear friend whose husband had committed suicide. She talks about her own thoughts of suicide and how others did not know she was struggling.It brought back memories of my own struggle […]