Mother Son Date Night Ideas

Mother Son Date Night Ideas #happymamas #whoisthisboy #boymom

It seems that lately I only write about my boy when he’s in trouble and I’ve been learning more about this parenting thing. Today I’m celebrating being my boy’s mom by listing ways to make a mother son date night extra special.

5 Intimate Date Night Ideas #ad

Valentine's Day date night ideas #KYdatenight #ad #cbias

The holidays are over and we’re jumping right past January to start planning for February, so I’m here to give you a few ideas for an intimate Valentine’s Day Date Night.

Expert Beauty Advice & Special Date Night {for my birthday}

Beauty consultation by CoverGirl & Olay Special Date Night #BeautyScoop

Last week I had a birthday and while I’m not afraid to say I turned 36, I am beginning to realize that my choices to ignore my skin and hope for the best are probably not going to do me any justice as I get older. A while back I was sitting with my boy […]

Expert Beauty Advice {CoverGirl and Olay}

Expert Beauty Advice CoverGirl and Olay #BeautyScoop Twitter Party {April 3 @ 1pm EST}

Photo credit: blogger Mariah Moon Get Expert Beauty Advice from CoverGirl® and Olay®  Prepare for a special date night I am very inexperienced with make-up and beauty care products, but I have always been told that when I wear make-up, I look more awake and alert. I have been to the beauty counters where they want […]

Quick & Healthy Dinner Ideas: Italian Dishes with Mashed Cauliflower {plus dessert!}

Quick & Healthy Dinner Ideas #FrozenFavorites @LeanCuisine

I've been reassessing dinner time in our household lately. You see, Hubby is working really hard right now and he comes home exhausted. He has always been responsible for dinner for our family because he's the chef. Now that I'm working a less stressful job, I'm looking for some quick and healthy dinner ideas for […]

How to Have an Out of this World Date Night

Will Smith Men in Black on VUDU #SeeMIB3

Hubby and I spend a lot of time and energy into making sure our boy has the most fun he can possibly have every day. A common discussion during our lunch breaks together revolves around what we will do with the boy that evening. It might be something as simple as playing a board game, […]

Date Night with 21 Jump Street & High School Cafeteria Food

Date night with @blockbusterexp

Last night, Hubby and I threw caution to the wind and dropped off our boy with his aunt so we could have a date night. We planned a “stay-in” date night to save money and had so much fun!! It’s been a long time since Hubby and I had a date (and we didn’t “date” […]