Top 10 Life Lessons from my Daddy

In honor of Father’s Day, I was inspired by – not sponsored by* – MetLife today to write down some of my dad’s life lessons. I’ve learned so much about life and laughter, family and fun, from his that I just couldn’t list it all here. We would be here for days! So, here it is – […]

Superdad’s Utility Belt – Daddy Diaper Pack

When Hubby and I first found out we were pregnant, it was quite a surprise, but we were thrilled! I was pleasantly surprised by how much he wanted to be involved in designing the baby room and picking out gifts for the gift registry. When I wanted to go buy an “expecting” book, he was […]

A Dad’s To-Do List in Creating a Child-Proof Home {Guest Post}

This guest post is funny to me because when I was about 7 months pregnant with our son, my husband was the one who “nested”. I was convinced I had all the time in the world, even to the point that when my water broke I told my husband that we were wasting time by […]

The Fun of Using Shaving Cream {A daddy and his boy}

Do you ever have one of those really cute moments with your child and you just want to share it, but then you wonder who you can share it with? It’s too long for a Facebook status and too short for a full blog post, but you know what…it’s my blog and my husband wanted […]