Boy Mom Resources: Monster Spray Tutorial and Other Parenting Shortcuts

Monster Spray bottles #ad #Mott'sGood&Honest

My boy has been having nightmares about monsters and zombies so we made this Monster Spray a fun new craft. What are some of your other parenting shortcuts?

The Perfect Boy Crafts: text-UR® Foam Crafts {Crazy Crafts for Kids}

text-UR® Foam crafts magnets

I’m pretty sure that I found the perfect boy crafts.

Bottle Cap Butterfly – Giving Crafts to Kids in Need {Crazy Crafts for Kids}

Bottle Cap Butterfly #Fiskars4Kids #shop #cbias

My boy mentioned that some kids didn’t bring scissors to school because they didn’t have any. It was then that I had a huge idea that I knew my boy would love. Our newest Crazy Crafts for Kids is a Bottle Cap Butterfly!

Crazy Crafts for Kids { Tissue Box Monster }

Tissue Box Monster

Hello, fellow crazy crafters! It's been a few weeks since I shared a craft and I was reminded by a friend that I was supposed to be influencing you all to stay crafty with your kids, so here's another one. This particular craft that I am sharing today was inspired by our mountains of Seventh […]