DIY Finger Paint

All the colors of the rainbow can make for a fun and creative activity, but these DIY finger paints can get messy. Make it easy to clean up with Huggies wipes and learn all the many uses for these wipes.

Diaper Owl Tutorial

One of my best friends is having a baby! This weekend I used the best baby diapers to create this adorable Diaper Owl!

Crayola Color Wonder and Sidewalk Chalk

Crayola Color Wonder and Sidewalk Chalk – staples in the coloring world! Psst..there’s a giveaway in here ending 8/21.

Crazy Crafts for Kids: Painting with Leaves

My boy loves to makes crafts. At daycare, they make anywhere from four to six projects per day and we have piles and piles of papers in our house to prove it. From time to time, I will throw a few out, but I don’t dare let him see me throw away his masterpiece! He and […]

Easy and Fun Crafts with Colortime Crafts And Markers™ Recycle Tote

Colortime Crafts And Markers™   Do you have a child in your like who loves to color and create? You are going to love this craft project from Colortime Crafts And Markers™!!   My boy loves to color, anything and everything. We try to keep his coloring off the walls as much as we can, […]

Tombow Glue for Crafts and Scrapbooking Review

As much as I would love to say that I do tons of cute crafts and fun scrapbooking for and with my boy…I am crafty-challenged. I received some Tombow Glue for Crafts and Scrapbooking for review, but I was stumped!! I sought out some help for this review and I hope you enjoy a little […]