More on our Morning Routine {fresh breath all day}

Fresh Breath with Colgate Total Mouthwash #TotalSmile

How do you make your morning routine fun? I mentioned last week that we are working this month on making a fun morning routine that works for us all and avoids the frustration and tears. We’ve managed to get the waking up and getting dressed mostly smooth and brushing teeth is doing much better, so […]

Easter Gifts: Dental Hygiene for Kids {Bright Smiles, Bright Futures}

Colgate dental hygiene for kids donation #Colgate4Kids

For the past month, my boy's Pre-K class at the YMCA has been studying hygiene and you can bet that my boy had a lot to learn about dental hygiene. I can openly admit that I have not been good about teaching the boy to brush his teeth and I can (embarrassingly) admit that I have not […]

Champions for Kids & Colgate – Bright Smiles Bright Futures®

Twitter Party March 20 @ 12pm ET @Champions4Kids and @ColgateSmile #Colgate4Kids #cbias

  Champions for Kids :: Colgate Bright Smiles Bright Futures® #Colgate4Kids My baby boy started smiling around 2 months old and from that time, he has sported the most infectious smile. He was called Smiley in the infant room at daycare and to this day, we still get stopped at Walmart so strangers can tell […]

Join 1D & Colgate for the Holidays

1D Colgate Twitter party #1DSmiles

      Still need stocking stuffers for your your teens?!! Bring 1D home for the holidays with the 1D Colgate® Power Toothbrush, 1D Colgate® Maxfresh™ Manual Toothbrush and 1D Colgate® MaxFresh™ Toothpaste from Colgate! Your tween will love these!! {closed} 1DSmiles Twitter Party We are going to be talking about the 1D Colgate products […]

Holiday Packs of Colgate for Holiday Smiles

#HolidaySmiles Twitter Party {November 30 @12pm EST} #cbias - Follow @ColgateSmiles @JanetGoingCrazy @loveandcents

Looking for stocking stuffers? Toothpaste & toothbrushes are fun stocking stuffers! @ColgateSmiles Holiday Packs are in store now at Walmart featuring Dora the Explorer and Spongebob Squarepants! #HolidaySmiles Twitter Party We are going to be talking about the Holiday packs from Colgate and other ideas for fun stocking stuffers! Let’s party on Twitter! So come […]